Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Letter to Wayne

Dear Wayne,

Yesterday morning I woke up and did what I do practically every morning; I picked up my phone and checked the news, Facebook and whatever would keep me in bed an extra few minutes. This keeps me entertained in a somewhat empty life as I lie in my empty bed (save for me and the cat when he feels like it). But I yesterday morning I didn't feel entertained when I read your family's status on your Facebook page announcing your peaceful soul had left your body. My internal dialogue went something like this: 'it's not fair! He wasn't old enough to die! He could have lived another 10 years! He was useful to so many people out there!' and then I re-focussed on your Facebook status again and realised that my kicking and screaming was simply selfish and misguided. Of course you haven't really 'left us' and your enormous legacy is here to stay. And how could I forget that from the moment we are born 'we are spiritual beings having a human experience' - never the other way around.

I never met you Wayne and will never get the chance to but I still felt like I knew you somehow through your insightful books, especially your recent biography only released last year - perhaps you knew that the end of the carnal road was nearing? If there was only one thing I would retain from your teachings it would be that there are 2 human emotions that are completely useless in life: worry and guilt. Because they keep you immobile. This one piece of wisdom resonated with me so much, the eternal worrier. I also admired how you surpassed all the feelings of negativity and the self-pity trap you could have so easily fallen into given your far-from-perfect beginnings in life .

Some say you were not the perfect human being you were made out to be and that we shouldn't put you on a pedestal; these people are undeniably right, nobody is flawless (not even Cindy Crawford and Oh My God she looks amazing at 49 years-old!). It's very much possible that you hurt some of you fellow humans at some point but I choose to believe that when you did you didn't mean to and that they let go of their grudge eventually. I also choose to believe that in your human experience you brought relief to many more people than you hurt.

So just for a little while rest on your laurels dear Wayne, you have deserved it. Until your next adventure, wherever it may take you.

Much love,


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