Thursday, 24 September 2015

Dating and NLP

Having just completed a terrific NLP course this week - So yes I'm a certified NLP Practitioner! I decided to join a dating website and ensure I use my newly found skills to separate the men from the boys. I will keep on adding the most interesting quotes as I find them.


'I'm not looking for hookups but not looking for a relationship either, companionship would be the closest thing I guess'
Translation: I'm confused about life in general, perhaps questioning the rules about relationships I grew up with.I may be gay/bissexual
PF's interpretation:I do want hookups but think women don't so I'll say I want a kind of relationship when really I just want a bit of slap and tickle. And by slap I mean sex. And by tickle I mean sex. And by and I mean sex. So, basically, sex.

'I try to stay away from drama'
Translation: I look for/provoke drama in the first place. Why would I even mention the word 'drama' in a dating profile?

'I don't take myself too seriously'
Translation: You never asked if I did but thought I'd casually mention it! Obviously I do take myself seriously (='we didn't burn him!' from the League of Gentlemen)

'My friends describe me as a kind hearted man, fun to hang out with and intelligent'
Translation: I say 'my friends' but really I mean me. I love myself but don't want you to realise it until it's much too late

(on answering the '6 things I can't live without') 'oxygen'
Translation: I copied it from other profiles because like to conform, I'm an approval seeker

Sentences ending in 'lol'
Translation: I have no sense of humour

Private Messages I Have Received

'So how does a man like me attract the attention of a beautiful Goddess like you? xxxx'
= I'm paying you a fucking compliment so you'd better reply biatch! Probably the angry type.

On reading his profile -
Header: You should message me if
Reply: 'you can be bothered. Most people can't and have no manners these days'
--> Rigid rules. Use of universal quantifier. I'm guessing grew up with strict rules about what is rude. Definitely angry

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